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Photography is a hobby for me. It gets me out, and keeps me thinking. If I have learnt anything, it's that the more I learn, the more I learn that I need to learn more. Also, you must take the shot to get the shot.

My Tilt-Shift lens is the Canon 17mm f4. It is the widest tilt-shift lens Canon makes at the present time. It can be used as a 17mm prime lens, or as a Tilt/shift lens. It takes excellent photos, but is a bit more challenging than a normal lens. I often use my iPad and a remote device called a CamRanger to take photos remotely. It allows me to see the photo on the iPad to assist focusing manually with the tilt/shift lens. If you are tilting or shifting, the camera will have a problem setting the exposure properly. I often use a light meter to get proper exposure settings.

Shifting. Wow, this is cool. Helps to get tall things in perspective. Also, if photos are taken shifted from side to centre to other side, you can easily photo stitch them together for a nice panoramic shot.

Tilting the lens changes the focal plane, and focusing the lens while tilted will change the pivot point of the focal plane. This is the SCHEIMPFLUG PRINCIPLE & HINGE RULE. There is much information on this concept so I won’t cover it here. I have found that to resist the urge to over adjust will provide better results. Also, this lens is great as a simple 17mm prime lens, and does not always need to be tilted and shifted.