The London, Ontario 2017 Air Show was awesome. I attended Saturday and Sunday but could not make it there on the Friday. I purchased the PhotoPit tickets for both days. Saturday was very packed in the photo pit area, but Sunday was a lot less crowded.
Both days of the show was similar, but Saturday the Buffalo flew, and Sunday the F-22 Raptor flew. The F-35 was there, in fact the Air force and the Navy versions were there. Many other jet favourites were present . These included the A-10, F-15, F-16, F-18, P-51D, and more.
Special performers including the Snowbirds and Pete McLeod in his RedBull plane, as well as the Canadian SkyHawks parachute team, and the CF-18 demonstration team.

Because both days the show was similar, I have opted to have a Page dedicated to Static Display photos, and a page dedicated to photos of planes in flight.The static photos never excite me as much as the flying photos. A dream of mine would be to do some in flight plane to plane photos.

The F-35 is ugly on the ground, but somehow becomes very photogenic in the air. It is unrealistic to say how good or bad any plane is just by seeing it perform at an air show, but the F-35 looked impressive.